I have had the absolute pleasure of submitting to the amazing lady who is Lady Sophia Black for several years.  She has helped me so much to understand myself and know what it is I need. – My personal preference is for a dominant Mistress, who are not so easy to find these days & Lady Sophia Black is very happy in that role. – When my Mistress issues her first order of the session I feel a real sense of belonging again, and when I have failed her in some way and am to be punished I have the delicious dilemma of not knowing whether to beg for the pain or beg for mercy.  At the end of a session I find it really difficult to leave her and return to the normal world again.
She can be a real sadist if that’s your thing. – The laugh as you scream in pain is thrilling, the smile as she twists your nipples or squeezes your balls electrifying, which only makes you want to take more.
She has a huge range of Latex clothing, but my preference is for beautiful soft Leather.  I defy any red blooded male, when faced with Lady Sophia Black, dressed in her exquisite leather corset, skirt & boots not to fall to his knees in front of her and beg to be her slave.
Having said all that, for me it is my Mistress’s eyes that get me every time – She only has to look into mine and I am lost, putty in her hands to do with as she sees fit.
If you do visit her, treat her well and she will give you the time of your life!
~ Sub T