Welcome to My domain.  Your arrival here is no accident, as we both know.


I am Lady Sophia Black, an elegant and seductive London Dominatrix, an expert and passionate practitioner of the arts of Female Dominance.  My superior beauty and femininity are the sources of My power over you, and just at it is My birth right to exercise absolute dominion over You, your submission and devotion to Me is required by your nature, which I alone understand and control.

It is these truths that have brought you here, to Me.

Do not be deceived by My glamour, My sexuality, My beauty mark and pin-up looks – these are not qualities for you to possess and ogle, or take pleasure from.  They will instead possess you, and hypnotize you into submission until you are entranced into obedience by My perfect, unattainable feminine example, and all without so much as a whisper from My perfectly-formed, full lips.  It is happening already.

I will make no effort to conceal who I am, what I am, and what My passions and intentions are.  This is My nature, and it commands us both.  So accept that if I wish and desire it, you will find yourself adoringly worshipping at My gorgeous, warm, stockinged feet or receiving My wickedly, cruel punishments. You will wonder how you found yourself at this point, how it has come to this, and how you ever lived without it, and without Me.  And you will know when you look into My eyes, that there is no going back.

You are invited to enter My world, My reality, and confess who you are by becoming who, and what, I want you to be. The only game I am willing to play is the ultimate one, in which we pretend that your surrender, your submission, and your slavery are not real.  The next decision is yours to make, and all the rest are Mine.

~Lady Sophia Black


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